Photo Of The Week

This week's photo of the week is 'The Bird and The Worm' portraying Cain Nightroad and Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood series. Cain is portrayed by =Valdrein and Abel is portrayed by *maverickwarrior. The photo was taken by ~Weatherstone. 

Trinity Blood is a fairly popular anime series, with Abel Nighroad cosplay quite common at most conventions. And so while Abel's costume in this picture is very nicely made, it is Cain Nightroad that captured our attention. The oldest of the 'Test Tube Babies' has one of the most elaborate costumes in the series (to be fair, Abel with his Crusnik wings released would have cought our attention as well, but let's not deviate from the subject).

Cain's Trinity Blood costume is stunning to say the least. The two elements that instantly draw our attention are Cain's four wings, masterfully done in our opinion (trust us, making wings that look as nice as these is extremely difficult), and the bronze colored armor. The color palette of the costume, the design and even makeup and wig styling add to the overall sense of completeness.
The composition choice is fairly standard, with central placemenet of both characters. The photographer probably chose this placement so that he/she can capture enough detail in both costumes and at the same time create some sense of tention with Cain looming over kneeling Abel. An interesting idea, but the lighting in the picture does not help create any tension. The photographer relied on natural light with no secondary lighting to even out highlights and shadows which you can notice on parts of costumes. Nothing wrong, but in our opinion the lighting does not give all the justuce to such an amazing cosplay. Since Abel and Cain are the series main protagonist and antagonist respectively, a composition with the cosplayers facing each other or standing back to back would have highlighted the opposite nature of the characters. Adding spot lighting to highlight their profiles with shadows gradually engulfing the non-essential background, would have created the necesssary sense of tension. Also, considering that the costumes (both Cain's and Abel's) sport significantly more detail above the waist, zooming in closer to reveal that amazing detail would have drawn the viewer's attention even more. Overall, amazing cosplay and fairly good photo-technique!