Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter Series #7)

FINALLY!! I finished Harry Potter book 7! ^o^

OMG I'm left with hardly any questions about this series.  This book was so amazingI thought that my sob fit over Cedric Diggory would be my most epic book crying experience ever.  Oh noDeathly Hallows had me going constantly!  As anti climactic as Tonks and Lupin's deaths weresimply imagining them dead brought tears to my eyes.  Harry visiting his parents graves also gave me chills and made me cryas well as the small image of the house that Harry had been born in all falling apart and dilapidated.


So remember that bad little digital camera picture I posted a while back of my new Belle costume?


One thing that really got to me thoughprobably like everybody elsewas the Snape stuff.  Before this book I was not a Snape fan.... I was pretty indifferent to him and actually downright annoyed after he killed Dumbledore.  But his death made me crythe images in the pensieve were so incredibly emotional and heart breaking.  Particularly the part where he is crying in Grimmauld place over Lily's picture and her letter.  To love someone that much and for so long after their death and still be torn to shreds is so very sadit was such a sad way for him to go.


One thing I was a little confused on was the scene where Snape shows Dumbledore his patronusand Dumbledore asks still after all these years?and Snape replies always...I am wondering what that meant.  Is Snape's patronus a doe because Lily's was a doe and Snape loved her so much that his became the same? (by the way recently i went to see the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It seems like dumbledore wand might show up in the first film)



The epilogue was what made me the happiest.  I truly feared while reading this book that Harry was going to dieand after all the events in the pensieve I was convinced that that was the outcome and the rest of the book would be sad after potter's death epiloguestuff.  It was so wonderful to know that he DIDN'T have to dieand that he was able to have a family with who I wanted him to hook up with so bad!  Ginny!  I had wanted him to get with her since book one when I saw her adorable childish fangirlness towards him!  It was so cuteand Ron and Hermione too!


my only question iswhy didn't they name a kid after Fred?  Hugo should have been Fred!  Fred's death caught me by such surprise I couldn't cry until the Weasley family was mourning him!! ;___;


oh man book 7.  Before Andy left for work today I declared that he had to begin reading book 1.  He's fought me on this tooth and claw for a year nownot wanting to read the books and even being quite opposed to watching the movies.  But today he saw I was fierce and he could not argue.  When will I have time to read this?!and I said well what do you do at lunch?and he replied Watching another episode of Death Note probably.I then told him instead of watching his stupid anime to read Harry Potter.  Anime can wait.  Potter> Anime.  And instead of jumping on Everquest and wasting time accomplishing nothinghow about reading Harry Potter!



I must agree when I read the last book I constantly felt tears welling up in my face, my cheeks burned hot so many times! I was angry at some of the deaths but was happy that Harry was able to live and have a family with Ginny. I liked how she ended the books and thought she did such an excellent job. I hate that their over now though. =[



I didn't really like the last book, especially the epilogue. It felt like a bad fanfic. And death note's anime is awful, the manga is way better than the last harry potter book.



Oh my yes.  That entire book was awesome.  Now, being a guy, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of these so-called tearsthat may or may not have welled up in my eyes, so we'll just say that I had something in my eyefor a large portion of that book.


As for Snape's patronus, you have it dead on.  Lily's was a doe (James' being a buck) and Snapes patronus, with his incredibly strong love for Lily, took the shape of Lily's patronus.  I suppose it was Snapes way of having Lily after a fashion, of having her with him.


Fred's death caught my by surprise too.  As did Hedwigs!  I can understand, from a writer's PoV, why you would kill off the both of them; Percy is the naturalchoice, being the estranged son that no one really gives much of a damn about, and it would have been awkward including Hedwig into the things that Harry did throughout the book, but still....two great supporting characters, one that just up and gets killed early on, the second who dies quite tragically.  At least he died laughing though.


I was happy with how she ended it too.  Some call it campy, but I think those people can piss off.  I like seeing my protagonists get with the girl/guy of their dreams and live in that happily ever after.



I think poor Doby's death hit me like a ton of bricks as well as Fred's. Hedwig's death was like losing the last thing that linked him to childhood and set him on the path he'd have to walk. It was a hard book to swallow sometimes but i was very glad to see where it ended up. I'll miss those characters very much, but i truly enjoyed the trip. I'm glad you got to walk the road with me



FINALLY, omg. I'm so sick of people bitching about the last book. It's nice to finally find someone who loved it as much as I did.


I burst into tears when I saw Tonks and Lupin were dead because of little Teddy! :( I was like NOOO, THAT'S NOT FAIR!And when Hedwig died and Dobby and just . . . gahhhh. :(


I loved the epilogue. People complain that it was fanficcy but . . . well, it was a children's novel. rasberry And wars always end with people getting married and having kids, even (especially!) in real life. Why wouldn't people want to get together after Voldemort was dead?


Ron and Hermione was what made the book for me, though. I've been a R/Hr shipper since like . . . Goblet of Fire and I was soooo happy to see them get together!!



Is Snape's patronus a doe because Lily's was a doe and Snape loved her so much that his became the same?

Right you are.


This is my favorite book of the series. I think it was a love-or-hate book, really, because I know for many it will also be their least favorite. My child like the book too, next week, i decide to buy a harry potter costumes for him.