Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Pop Arts are becoming a trend in the beauty industry and this Grunge Harley Quinn makeup tutorial is the perfect way to join the bandwagon.

First step: make yourself really really pale. The new harley isn't painted white, but she's just pale. I recreated this effect with a bit of white

bodypaint and lots of white powder.


I just filled in my brows as usual, nothing special. For the eyeshadow I just a hot pink on the lids and blended that out. Then I used my finger

to drag the eyeshadow down across my cheeks and cheekbones. I repeated the same steps on the other eye with blue eyeshadow. Pink

eyeshadow on your right eye, blue on your left eye.


To darken the eyes I lined my waterline with a black pencil liner. I also lined my upperlids and smoked that out with a bit of black eyeshadow.

This really helps making your eyes stand out.


The facial tattoo's. I did both the tattoo's with eyeliners. Just use a black one and draw the heart and fill it in. Same goes for the 'rotten' tattoo

on the right jaw. I put some translucent powder on top of it to create a more matte effect which will make it look more realistic.


Use a hot red lipstick to finish of the makeup!