Share the happy and get 20% off

Invite a friend to Halecosplay and get 20% off when they complete their order. Plus, your friends will get 20% off a Halecosplay product. It's amazing when everybody wins.


How it Works


1. Get it – Get the opportunity to refer a friend by creating Halecosplay customer account.

2. Share it – Invite your friends to complete their order and they’ll get 20% off a coupon code.

3. Enjoy it – For each friend you successfully refer, you will receive a 20% off coupon code via email within 1-2 business days after they make their first purchase.



1. In order to count as a valid referral, you must refer someone other than yourself and your friend must place their first order using the coupon code they receive through your link.

2. We’ll reward you for up to 10 friends per year.


This coupon can't use in special price product. Customer can't apply several coupons on a product.