The Most Favorite Cosplay Characters among Teenagers

Manga is growing more popular these days and characters in movies are welcomed by thousands of audiences; consequently, more and more people start to use these characters’ cosplay costume ideas, and cosplay now gradually become a kind of a fashion.

Sailor Moon Cosplay-Sailor Moon is a popular Japanese manga character, she is a teenage school girl named Usagi Tsukino(in English version, Serena). Serena has infinite powers; with her friends (who are also unbelievable superheroes) and the help of the moon and stars’ power, she fights against the evil to save the entire solar system from destruction. In Sailor Moon, there different characters, therefore, cosplay fans have various options to cosplay.


Among kids, Naruto cosplay costumes are probably the hottest one to cosplay costume. Naruto is a famous anime and manga series, which centering on the exploits of several ninjas in training as they want to be the most powerful in their village, the hero is a 12 yeas old orphan boy, and he wants to be the best Ninja, but unluckily, Naruto is born with a evil spirit and he must learn how to conquer it before he can fulfill the ninja destiny.


Harry Portter is another good choice for boys and girls to cosplay. As the most popular series book in the world, many people dress up in Harry Potter as their Halloween costumes and other occasions. And the most welcomed costume is the wizard costume.