1.What’s the handing time for an order?

Usually one costume takes about 5-7 days to produce. If you need it urgently, pls contact us first, we can rush your order.


2.Do you offer custom made service?

Yes, we do. We can make the costume according to your measurements as long as you agree that final alteration might be needed for best fit. We strongly recommend that you have your measurements before buying any costumes online. Remember tell us your Height, Chest, Waist, Hip, Shoulder Width, Sleeve Length, and Weight.

 3. How do I clean my cosplay costume?

Depends on what things are made of. Wings can be made out of tons of different things depending on skill and budget..You wouldn't clean latex demon wings the same way you'd clean feather angel wings. Generally speaking, all cosplay costumes should be Hand wash with detergent only. Also, keep the water temperature under 104°F (40°C ). Armor, the only thing I see needing cleaned would be if it get's dirt or dust or you spill on it..In that case, you clean it the same way you'd clean any other item that is painted. The paint will protect it from getting ruined by the cleaning item, so if you used, say, spray paint, and need to get dirt off of it, you'd likely just damp a rag and wipe it off.


4. How can I cancel my order?

If you change your mind, feel free to send us a cancellation request at any time. However the cancellation is only available if your order is not been processed. Once your order is moved to the “in-progress” status (usually within 24-48 hours after the order is placed), there is no cancellation.

5. Why is there no cancellation once the order is processed?

Within 24-48 hours after we receive your order, our design team begins the process to prepare and make your order. This allows us to complete your order with quality and meet the turnaround time. A considerable amount of effort, labor, time, and custom selected materials will be invested to complete the process. And due to the nature of Cosplay, it’s difficult to re-list or resell the item you order. That is for this reason that there are No Cancellations after the order is been processed.


6. What if I receive the wrong package or less?

If you receive wrong packages or less, please provide our customer service representatives with some proofs, such as the order number, tracking number, the photos of the package, and so on. If it is caused by our or logistic company’s fault, we would return the money for the products that have lacked or mistaken unconditionally. Otherwise, we will send you the rest or the right package again.