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Top 10 Cosplay Stars and Their Achievements


Top 10 Cosplay Stars and Their Achievements

For most people, cosplay is a hobby, and to others, it is more than just that. As the scenes of cosplay become more and more popular, so do commercial opportunities for those involved. In any anime, video game or comic book convention, other than the early peaks of titles and the big entertainment announcements, the legions of cosplayers in attendance is the most captivating part. The conferences consist of occasional hobbyists and experts of the art-form dressing up as their favorite comic, TV or movie character.

Thanks to the rising popularity of geek culture, the growth of cosplayers and its fans is at an all-time high. Other than the costume hype, there are the personalities that cosplay has grown. These cosplayers have become celebrities in their own right and are celebrated globally. Most of these famous cosplayers are masters of a specific genre that makes up their design, while others strive to adopt different themes in hopes of capturing the wow factor.

1. Yaya Han

The beautiful Yaya Han is a Chinese-American costume designer, cosplayer and a model based in Atlanta Georgia. Yaya Han is undoubtedly one of the most famous cosplayers on the internet. She has been creating cosplay costumes and other fashion pieces since 1999. During this period, Yaya had no prior trained expertise in sewing and crafting. However, thanks to her artistic nature, she was able to engross the art of costume making quickly. Yaya’s costume-making skills earned her a lot of attention. She was now making costumes for other cosplayers and was being invited to judge competitions by the mid-2000s.

Yaya is an entirely self-taught costume maker with over 300 cosplay costumes in various genres, including video games, comic books, and anime series under her belt. Today, Yaya has built a successful trade in the cosplay industry with a famous cosplay line that is available at conventions and online. She is also the owner of Yaya Han Brand merchandising. Her sophisticated and lavish costume creations have earned her multiple awards and acclaim nationwide. She has been asked to appear as a judge, panelist, guest host and performer to over a hundred conventions and other events.

2. Danquish

Danquish, also known as Dan Sarkar is a Canadian Born cosplayer based in Seattle, USA. Danquish has been cosplaying since 2010. He has been leading a rather impressive resume for the different characters he has dressed up as. Additionally, his interpretation of characters is far beyond your basic view of the heroes and villains he has chosen.

As a young boy, Danquish often had dreams about ninjas and robots. He spent a good part of his time recreating cartoons and animes he loved with drawings and Lego.  Halloween was his favorite holiday of the year, and he would spend hours making his costume.

Through the years, he turned his hobby into a passion and tirelessly worked on costumes and props. Today, Danquish focuses on creating robot and ninja characters. His favorite costume is Sam Gideon from the video Game Vanquish. This outfit earned him the best Craftsmanship award in the new category at Anime Expo 2013. Other than costume making, Danquish is also a fantastic cosplayer with sick poses. He breathes new life into the characters he dresses up as.

3. Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is one of the biggest names in the world of Cosplay. She is a New Zealand-American cosplayer, YouTuber and promotional model. She first gained recognition in 2009 at the San Diego Comic-Con after she dressed up as a unique version of Pikachu. Instead of letting her moment of fame fade away into obscurity, Jessica leveraged her celebrity status into a brand and became an official cosplayer for entities like Microsoft and Warner Bros to promote games like Gears of War 3 and Lollipop Chainsaw. Since then, Jessica has expanded her efforts and creativity to create some incredibly intricate costumes.

Although most of her costumes are skimpy in nature, they are so well made that they could fool even the most talented designers and costume artists in Hollywood. She puts a great deal of imagination and skill into her creations.

Some of Jessica Nigri’s costumes pay homage to the greatest superheroes of all time. However, most of her work is focused on the many video game characters. Jessica Nigri takes her crafts seriously and is yet to disappoint her fans.

4. Harley’s Joker

Anthony Misiano cosplays Harley’s Joker, a nerd with a malicious smile. Without a doubt, Misiano’s most beloved character is the conventional Joker. His cosplay costume is so persuading that it is difficult for most people to tell him apart from the real Joker. Misiano began cosplaying as the Joker back in 2012 after he painstakingly crafted his Halloween costume for the preceding year.

While staying in San Diego, Misiano decided to attend the Comic-Con and dress up as the Joker. He suddenly found his pictures going viral as other cosplay fans declared his Joker costume the hit of the Comic-Con convention. As his popularity grew, the demand for his attention also escalated. He was approached by dozens of fans looking to do various projects with him. Misiano even landed a job with The Batman Chronicles to portray the Joker on screen.

5. Ivy Doomkitty

Ivy Doomkitty is an international cosplayer, artist, gamer, Body positive advocate, and model. She is a well-known cosplayer and is recognized for her cosplays of popular video game and comic book characters such as Vampirella, Power Girl, and M. Bison. DoomKitty has also been a guest judge on several episodes of SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay.” Doomkitty got into cosplaying after Frank Cho asked her to model for a live art panel. Before deciding to show her fandom through cosplay, Ivey had been attending cosplay conventions for years.

Today, Ivy uses her passion for creating her costumes, which she uses to bring to life her favorite characters from comics and gaming. She also strives to create a positive impact in the cosplay community by showing other cosplayers in the community that they can do something they love regardless of body shape, size, sexual orientation, age, gender or skin color.

Ivy was recently the featured cosplayer on the premiere episode of the web series cosplayers, a short documentary about the love, trials, and tribulations of cosplay. She takes it upon herself to heavily promote the art of Cosplay at every convention that she is a guest at.

6. Carlos Blanchard

Carlos is an American costumer and a cosplayer who has made a name for himself in the cosplay community.  He is said to have the Midas touch seeing as everything he touches turns into gold. He is one of the most respected and talented costume makers in the industry and is considered to be one of the best male costumers in the industry. He began cosplaying back when he was still a child.

Today, Carlos Blanchard heads the Rage Custom Creation, which is dedicated to costume, custom prop and graphic design. His company makes the highest quality cosplay costumes, props and graphic designs in the industry.

Although Carlos is known for various things, he is best known for his Medieval Batman suit and the Facehugger Corset that earned him and his company the respect and admiration of international cosplayers. This Medieval Batman suit has received the most acclaim for its extreme attention to detail and creativity.


7. Leon Chiro

Leon Chiro is a professional cosplayer from Italy. Also known as the many faced god, Chiro can nail every imitation he attempts and looks divine in them, thanks to his gladiolus physique. Leon Chiro first got into cosplay in 2011 while working in the modeling world. He was trying out photo shooting with a video game theme. He chose to go with a Tidus Cosplay costume. He still had no idea what cosplay was until his friend explained it to him and took him to his first convention. It was during this period that he discovered the magic world of Cosplay. He started attending competitions and won a lot of them, one after the other. Before he knew it, he was being invited as a guest, a jury member to other cosplay competitions across the world.

Leon has since been working with video game companies for years. In his early years as a professional cosplayer, Chiro began with small collaborations with companies like 2K and Capcom. Today, he has garnered extensive sponsorship roles with Ubisoft and Sony. Chiro makes his costumes by hand and specializes in armors, accessories, weapons, and makeups. He also majorly specializes in cosplay video game characters.

He is known for combining characters in hybrid outfits and for his amazing rendition of ensembles. He has won numerous cosplay contests in Europe and Italy and has been a judge at high-level cosplay contests. Leon’s dream is to continue traveling the world and meeting a lot of cosplayers.

8. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia is a popular Filipino-Chinese and Spanish descent Cosplayer. She has been cosplaying since 2003 at the age of 15.  She is also a Model, Pianist, gamer, artist among other things. Alodia Gosiengfiao is another cosplayer who has solidified herself as one of the most notable figures. She is the most popular cosplayer in the Philippines and is known as the “Cosplay Queen of the Philippines.”  She is one of the pioneers of cosplay in the Philippines and has won a lot of awards both in her country and abroad. Alodia has been cast in San Diego’s Comic-Con documentary flick and is also a regular judge at cosplay competitions globally. She is popularly known for her anime-inspired costumes. However, this is not all that she does.

Alodia is constantly commissioned for endorsement deals and is considered as one of the Philippines sexiest and most influential women. Other than being a successful cosplayer, this Filipina beauty has also made a mark in other entertainment industries. She has put together a decent TV and film career for herself.

9. Tom DePetrillo

Thomas DePetrillo is an incredible self-taught master cosplay costume maker. He started as a kid making costumes for Halloween and developed his passion as he got old. Today, Tom DePetrillo is the owner and founder of Extreme Costumes. His costumes take months to create and may even involve walking on stilts. Some of his outfits are said to weigh close to 100 pounds.

DePetrillo has been in the costume making industry for over two decades and has made it a habit of traveling the world and attending various conventions. He describes himself as the person who just likes Halloween a little bit too much. He lets his creative side take over when creating a costume and through effort, he has been able to win some costume contests.

For a while, the costume work was only a hobby, and before long, the income from his costuming surpassed his everyday job. He has since turned his hobby into a full-time job and has been able to employ a few talented people who are able to make even bigger and extreme costumes.

One of his biggest hit was the Avengers’ full Hulkbuster armor that took a whopping 1600 hours to make. This suit stands at nine and a half feet tall, six and a half feet wide and three and a half feet deep. DePetrillo draws inspiration for his designs from comic books, TV shows, movies, and anime. He has a 900sq foot shop where he makes the impossible come to life.

10. Vera-Chimera

Yasemin Arslan, popularly known as Vera-Chimera is a Sydney Australian based expert in prop design and cosplay costume. She is a famous Australian veteran cosplayer who is best known for her role as Live-action Lilith in Borderlands 2. She demonstrates her craftsmanship at both domestic and international conventions in workshops and panels.

Vera is a well-acclaimed cosplay judge, actress, host and a certified MUA. She is a charismatic and humble being who lends her skills in prop design, acting, costume making and panel hosting. She is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. This fiery Australian made her debut in the cosplay community back in 2006. She has since been a steady presence and has done some characters, including anime, games, and comics.

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