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Tips of Buying Thor: Ragnarok Characters Cosplay Costume


Thor: Ragnarok is set after a couple of years since the battle of Sokovia, and Thor is currently imprisoned by Surtur, the fire demon in Muspelheim. After failing to complete his search for infinity stones and being locked up by Surtur, he is informed that Surtur is ready to take over Asgard as its destruction was predicted in Ragnarok. This movie also shows the death of Odin and the subsequent release of Hela from the prison where she was being kept for a number of years. When Thor arrives in Asgard, he observes changes in the way the civilization was being run and finds that Loki has been impersonating Odin and ruling the empire.

After the death of Odin, Thor comes face to face with the death-obsessed Hela who forces him to stay away from Asgard and after veracious action packed circumstances sends him to another planet, Sakaar. While at Sakaar, which is ruled by the vicious Grandmaster, Thor also meets the long lost Valkyrie who is hiding out on the “other side of the universe” and introduces Thor to the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster makes him a gladiator who is then, in an unexpected turn of events, put up in a battle against the Hulk who is a former ally and a friend of Thors. His hammer has already been destroyed by Hela earlier in this movie and has to fight this battle without the powers guaranteed by Mjolnir. Owing to Grandmaster’s evil tactics, Thor loses the battle against the Hulk as it appears that Hulk does not recognize Thor.

Back in Asgard, Hela claims all the power with the half-hearted help from Skurge, who on one hand wants to be an ally to Hela but does not want to be involved in all the destruction she is causing in Asgard. Thor: Ragnarok also involves the transformation of the Hulk into Bruce Banner when Thor escapes the prison of Sakaar through Quinjet. Thor has the urge to destroy Hela and her army to safeguard the people of Asgard, he has to manage the battles with Hela without his prized hammer with lightning powers. Thor learns to demonstrate his powers without his hammer. However, Hela proves to be more powerful and vicious, making Thor lose one eye in the process. The movie wraps up as Surtur help’s Thor’s Army to destroy Asgard and the powerful army along with other Asgard citizens travels to a galaxy.

Thor: Ragnarok was opened to the theaters in November, 2017 and has a loyal fan following who have not only watched the movie many times over but are also interested in seeking new merchandise, like a cosplay costume, for their collections. The series that released its first movie in 2011 has a wide fan following spread in all corners of the world. Following the description of all the main characters that make Thor: Ragnarok a blockbuster new entry on the box office which has taken the viewers by the storm:
Thor: Ragnarok

Tips of buying Thor: Ragnarok Characters Cosplay Costume

Thor Cosplay Costume

The character of Thor is known for his long golden locks and the power with which he executes his moves to defeat another enemy, there is no doubt he is one of the most well-liked superheroes. Thor is the son of Odin who is the ruler of Asgard. The character of Thor is known by his capability to save the world from the power of many villains including Hela and her army of other evil villains. His powerful hammer, Mjolnir, which gets destroyed in the series’ third-installment Thor: Ragnarok, has the power of lightning and has helped Thor in overcoming many enemies and villains.

Thor’s costume for most of the series involves long flowing cape, worn over a sleeveless tunic and also carries an Armor that has ancient runes of Odin carved on it for protection against enemies. He also wear a head gear which serves as added protection while he fights away to save Asgard from the curse of Hela. A cosplay costume that depicts Thor, always includes a head gear over long golden hair and a long cape.

Thor Cosplay Costume

Hela – The goddess of Death

The main villain and destroyer of the Asgard civilization Hela has also been termed as the goddess of Death in the series. She is one Thor’s constant enemies and is seen to defeat him in a hand combat during the third installment of the series. She carries her powers in a sword, wears a cloak as a defense against magic and appears helpless and incompetent without it. She is mostly seen in a body suit and a special headdress that this character has come to be known by. None of her cosplay costumes are seen without this headdress that sets her apart.

Most of her cosplay looks do include her headdress which appears like it has thorns on it sticking out at various angles. Her headdress has become Hela’s character’s main identification feature and fans of her cosplay costume have been getting creative with it since the movie release.

Hela cosplay costume


Valkyrie’s character is known for its immunity to disease and injury and her ability to identify a person nearing death by their “death glow”. As one of the main guards selected by Odin to safeguard Asgard, her character comes with its own set of powers demonstrated through her Dragonfang sword and Geirr. She is seen in full armor for most of the movie but has costume changes as well. Both these powerful abilities empower her by allowing her to change her appearance at will. She also has the ability to pass on her powers to other mortals which means that she can be fighting in more than one bodies at any given time increasing her impact on the enemy. While this ability was originally planned as a curse from the Enchantress, it gives Valkyrie the ability to fight against enemies with more valor.

Valkyrie’s character has gained significant popularity among the fans of cosplay since she wears a range of costumes during the thriller. Her many costumes have made way on a number of cosplaying platforms. Owing to her character’s more variable and glamourous looks, looking at someone recreate a Valkyrie cosplay costume is always a pleasant experience.

Valkyrie cosplay costume

The Grandmaster

A character that has not aged since the beginning of this series, the Grandmaster, is responsible for making the Hulk and Thor combat against each other where he helped Hulk win. The Grandmaster seeks joy in competition and is known for put up people against each other and having battle-like tournaments and games. He is able to control energy and has power over technology.

That basically makes him immortal which also means that he has all the knowledge of the universe. All of his capabilities and powers are owing to the fact that he is one of the oldest characters of the series and has always lived which makes him more aware than any other characters in Thor: Ragnarok.

The Grandmaster


Skurge is of a half Skornheimian and half Frost-Giant which makes his physical capabilities a lot developed and much better than an average Asgardian. He is able to resist most poisons and toxins and has the ability to heal as soon as an injury occurs.

One of his character’s main features is his axe that makes him more powerful in face of an enemy while also allowing him to produce fire or ice to combat any given situation. Fans interested in cosplay usually create a cosplay costume for Skurge which includes his axe to highlight the most powerful tool that he holds.

Skurge Thor3: Ragnarok

Loki Cosplay Costume

Another character that is popular with cosplayers is Loki who is the step-brother of Thor in the movies. He accompanies Thor when Hela sends them both away to another planet and he is also part of the army the defeats Hela by the end of the third Thor installment. He is one of the most complex characters of the series who begins as confused about whose side he should be on. However his support for his brother and his nature of helping others in need allows him to develop a better relationship with Thor and his character goes on to play an important part in helping the Asgardians from the terror of Hela.

Loki is seen in a long cape and a head gear which is part of a number of his cosplay costume looks. Some of the most important powers that his character has includes teleportation, immortality and the ability to transfer his powers to other people and making them powerful and stronger members of his own army.

Loki Cosplay Costume

The Hulk

The Hulk Is also among the comic characters that are extremely popular with cosplayers all over the world. With his striking green body and amazing powers, he is everyone’s favorite. His friendship with Thor makes him one of the most well-liked characters of the Marvel comic series. The Hulk represents super strength, power and speed as well as a range of magical powers that help him increase his strength, an ability that Thor also has. Most of his unlimited strength is owing to his being bulletproof.

In addition to this, he can also leap across long distances and break through strong barriers. His range of powers means that his enemies have a hard time understanding his tactics. His character is also shown to be more expressive than ever in Thor: Ragnarok. As one of the more popular characters in this series, the Hulk makes a favorite cosplay costume for his fans.

The Hulk


The character of Korg in Thor: Ragnarok embodies a gentle soul which is contained in body that does not match the soft tone of his voice or the general goodness of his character. This character is made up of traits that involve bringing about small positive changes in the lives of his friends unlike the dramatic characters in this series that seek domination over every other being and aim to rule over empires.

This is another one of the characters in this series that has seen evolution as it was not originally introduced as such a gentle soul. However, in a movie where everyone is fighting for power and bringing about a revolution, Korg is a breath of fresh air who is just trying to live a peaceful life. Owing to the sheer goodness of his character, many people are dressing up as Korg in cosplaycostume competitions.



Surtur is the fire demon which appears on our screens during the initial stages of this movie. His power lies in fire and he depicts strengths that seem unmatched many other characters. The most striking feature about his appearance is his head crown which distinguishes it and is also one of the most popular attributes of this character that gets translated into any cosplay costume of Surtur.

This character has an important part to play in the third Thor instalment. However, fans are unsure about its future. Since Surtur is an enemy of Thor, the knowledge that Thor has escaped with fellow Asgardians from their civilization could mean that Surtur may begin his search for them and try and destroy them further.


As a wolf that becomes human and vice versa, Fenris is also a popular Thor: Ragnarok characters that is a favorite among more creative cosplayers. This character has been introduced as Loki’s son and was also shown to be fighting with the Hulk during the movie. One of his most important powers includes shapeshifting which make him transform between a human and a wolf as the need arises.

In his human form, Fenris demonstrates high levels of intelligence and while in his wolf form, he has unmatched physical skills that involve powerful claws and sharp teeth to tear the enemy apart. A cosplay costume of Fenris usually shows him as a black wolf with sharp and pointed teeth.



The third part of the Thor series has raging reviews all over the world and is being viewed as the funniest and the lightest hearted movie of the series. Thor: Ragnarok is the new rage with its fans all over world who also indulge in the latest merchandise from this franchise. If you are looking for a cosplay costume for any of the powerful characters from Thor: Ragnarok, visit our online store and log on to

We have a range of costumes and gadgets for all the main characters from this chapter of the Thor series which will make you stand out among other fans at an event or a cosplay setting. Our products are made of high quality raw materials which will ensure that you are comfortable in your best Thor-themed attire, making heads turn at various cosplay events that take place regularly.

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