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The Benefits You Should Know of Cosplaying during Christmas


The month of December for many means a lot of merrymaking. Christmas is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This holiday that was first observed by the Romans acts as a catalyst to a happy and wonderful life. It is an excellent time for people to share the many beauties of the day.

People from different places celebrate Christmas in various ways, but certain customs and traditions are shared across the globe. For instance, a lot of people take this time to exchange gifts with their loved ones, decorate their homes with Christmas trees and colorful lights, or spend time with their families and friends. One of the most recent customs that people are adapting during this period is cosplaying.

What is Cosplay and where is its origin?

To some, cosplaying is a hobby and to others a lifestyle. Whether you have participated in this activity or not, cosplaying is becoming very prevalent in today’s society. Ardent cosplayers spend ample time and labor creating their costumes to be able to embody their favorite characters. Unlike other costume events where people dress up as witches for Halloween or elves for Christmas, Cosplay is more than just dressing up. It requires one to immerse themselves as their favorite character fully.

The origin of cosplay

Cosplay is a type of performance art that originated from Japan. It is an abbreviation of Costume Play which began when the Japanese started dressing like their favorite characters from comic books, video games, manga and anime. It then gained global recognition in the 90’s, and today, there are many cosplay parties, comic trade shows, theme parks and malls that have come into existence. In cosplay, participants wear costumes and other accessories to depict their favorite character, be it an anime or a Hollywood star. However, most of the characters are famous fiction stars like Superman or Batman.

Cosplay activities are often generated on weekends, short holidays or even big events such as Halloween and Christmas. The amount of joy oozed from cosplay is none like any other. There are no complicated do’s and don’ts associated with this activity. All that is required of you is to select a role from the set anime, video game, or movie and find an ideal costume to impersonate them.

What are some of the benefits of Christmas cosplay?

With Christmas around the corner, most people are trying to figure out fun and exciting things to do with their families and loved ones. Why not try cosplaying this Christmas?

Cosplaying not only generates excitement in children and adults alike but also comes with many fun things to do. Families can find different ways to dress up for the holiday. You can even come up with interesting themes that can be incorporated into an entire family costume.

Families can find different characters to impersonate for the holiday. The mere opportunity to truly take part in the celebration and choosing precisely what or how they want to be dressed helps to give your children a tremendous sense of power and being a part of the day. The ultimate thrill is experienced in coming up with costume ideas and creating them. Since the month of December comes with a lot of indoor time, parents can look for some great anime Christmas movies or video games to help them and their children pick out the best characters to create their cosplay costumes. Here are some great family anime movies you should consider watching.

star wars
the avengers
game of thrones
justice league
the flash
assassin’s creed
the arrow

Once you have a character in mind, you and your loved ones can start creating your costumes before the big day. Other than being fun, the costumes offer a useful ice-breaker and help people build relationships. They provide a readily-made talking point and can help overcome shyness as people are more prone to approaching others to compliment them on how nice they look. Simply, these costumes can help you become more socially outgoing.

Although Christmas is known for merrymaking and happiness, this is not always the case for everyone. People can use their Christmas cosplay costumes to escape from their problems even for a day. Emotionally dressing up helps most people, especially children, to express themselves if they are struggling to communicate. Cosplaying helps them to control their emotions better if they tend to cry or get angry easily.

For instance, anyone coping with trauma can opt to dress up as the dark superhero, which faced devastating trauma as a child but still overcame it to become a superhero.

Another great and encouraging superhero is Batman. Most people who dress up as Batman talk about having survived their own experiences and finding the meaning and the purpose of his experience.

Christmas cosplay gives you an opportunity to join various activities. The costume not only imbues some power to the person wearing them but also fosters a sense of family and community during this holiday. Remember to take as many photos and videos as you please while wearing your cosplay costume. These and many more activities provide you with excellent opportunities to enjoy the holidays differently and specially.

Putting on a cosplay costume and going into the public takes courage. However, any cosplayer will tell you that the experience is worth the stress. It is an excellent opportunity for you to become anything you want, be it a princess, superhero or any otherworldly creature. Cosplaying is an excellent way of celebrating the characters that you love and embracing your fandom.

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