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Pick the Right Arrow Characters Cosplay Costume for Yourself


Arrow is set 5 years after spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home after going missing and being presumed dead after his yacht is lost at sea. His father was with him when they got lost at sea and he sadly died. But Oliver managed to survive on a deserted island where he learnt survival and fighting skills from several mentors. Upon his return, he’s a changed person and is determined to reclaim his hometown which has fallen prey to corruption cartels. Armed with his bow and arrows, he becomes a vigilante and starts wearing a hood to hide his identity.

Based on Green Arrow by DC Comics, Oliver Queen turns into a vengeful superhero determined to save his city from villains. He left as a boy but returned a man eager to bring justice to those who have poisoned his city. He becomes the guardian angel of Star City, and using his father’s list which he returned with from the island, Oliver teams up with his bodyguard John Diggle to go after the listed criminals. On Diggle’s insistence, they also go after other criminals wreaking havoc in his city. A copycat archer soon emerges to reveal that Oliver’s father never compiled the said list.

Detective Quentin Lance becomes interested in the Arrow’s nocturnal activities and is determined to bring him to justice. The detective also hates the Arrow and blames him for the death of his daughter Sara. Meanwhile, Oliver has some tech issues and starts visiting Felicity Smoak to help him out. But when Oliver gets badly injured, he’s forced to reveal his secret to Felicity and she soon joins his team. Oliver’s former girlfriend Laurel is now dating his best pal Tommy. Also, his sister Thea is struggling with drug addiction and when she meets a gang member called Roy Harper, there’s instant chemistry and the two become an item.
Oliver’s mother Moira gets entangled in criminal activities with Malcolm Merlyn. The copycat archer is soon revealed to be Malcolm, who has forced Moira to participate in his criminal conspiracy to protect her family. Malcolm’s wife died 20 years previously and he’s determined to avenge her death by destroying the Glades. Curiously, the names on Oliver’s list are men who sold parts of the Glades to Malcolm so that he could fulfill his evil scheme. However, the Arrow is unable to stop Malcolm and he destroys the city, killing hundreds of people in the end.

 the Arrow

Tips on Buying Arrow Characters Cosplay Costumes

The Green Arrow is the vigilante superhero who fights crime using his skills in archery, martial arts, and with the help of technology. In his private life, he’s billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who masquerades as the mayor of Starling City. As a local politician, Oliver is able to stay ahead of criminals because of his connections to the police department. He’s physically strong yet possesses a caring personality that endears him to those close to him. Also, he’s fiercely loyal and will do anything in his power to protect his loved ones. In fact, that’s exactly what he does when he takes the fall and goes to prison in order to protect his team from prosecution.

Green Arrow Cosplay Costume
Green Arrow’s costume is similar to his childhood hero Robin Hood. If you want to cosplay the character, the costume consists of a hooded leather bodysuit to conceal his identity, greasepaint, gloves, boots, and his bow and arrows. His costume has evolved as the series progresses, and he replaced his greasepaint with a domino mask. Initially, he wore the Kevlar-lined suit presented to him by Talia al Ghul as well as the old hood that used to belong to Yao Fei Gulong. Cisco Ramon gave the Green Arrow a makeover, using a polymer Kevlar weave to make it lighter and able to carry more gear. The police later confiscated that suit before destroying it. Thankfully, Oliver still had his original suit, which wore when he defeated Ricardo Diaz.

The Green Arrow has many enemies and one of them is Malcolm Merlin. He was born Arthur King and used to be an operative of the League of Assassins. He’s also a businessman with immense power and wealth. He’s Tommy Merlyn’s father and sired Thea Queen after having an affair. He’s the Copycat and also goes by the name Dark Archer. You can also call him Al Sahir which means the magician. When an unknown assailant murdered his wife in the Glades, Malcolm became a changed man. Even though many people were around when it happened, they didn’t do anything to help his wife. His faith in mankind was shattered and he came to believe that the Glades are filled with crime and all manner of filth.

For two years Malcolm disappeared and decided to travel to Nanda Parbat to join the League of Assassins. Upon his return, he came up with a plan for destroying the Glades. It was called the Undertaking and the plan involved using a gadget that could simulate earthquakes. He also started having suspicions that Oliver Queen was a playboy by day but the Green Arrow when the sun set. He therefore decided to kill Oliver and hired an assassin to do the job. However, the plan backfired and Oliver survived. But then Malcolm became the Copycat, donning a similar outfit and starting to assassinate people.

Green Arrow Costume


Deadshot Cosplay Costume
If you want to cosplay Deadshot, he wears a highly durable body suit that protects him from injury from weapons fire and even small explosions. He also wears a protective helmet, which also improves his senses, especially sight and hearing. He carries a pair of machine guns mounted on his wrists, and they can fire modified rounds that he designs himself. He also carries explosives, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers.

Deadshot is one of the most iconic characters in the Green Arrow. He’s a super villain, a mercenary and deadly assassin. He’s responsible for killing John Diggle’s brother Andy Diggle. He’s also killed countless others and would lace his bullets using a lethal poison called curare. If his shot didn’t prove fatal, the poison would kill his intended victim. It was a sort of insurance plan to ensure the job gets done. He would also tattoo his victim’s name on his skin. He’s the consummate professional and he always carried out a job when paid to do so.

Deadshot’s most prominent trait was his death wish and he would deliberately engineer situations that were likely to get him killed. As an opponent, this made him highly unpredictable. He was trained by A.R.G.U.S but was later wanted by that same organization as well as Interpol. He was sent on a successful mission to Starling City to assassinate James Holder. However, his paths crossed with the Green Arrow whom he engaged in a brief fight before making his escape. After being wounded by a poisoned bullet, the Green Arrow managed to track Deadshot to an apartment in which he was holed up. But he would live to fight another day after managing to escape that encounter.

Deadshot Cosplay Costume

Ra’s al Ghul Cosplay Costume
Malcolm’s character has many skills, including archery, martial arts, hand to hand combat, and swordsmanship. He’s also deceptive, stealthy, tactical, and has knowledge of toxicology. After Oliver defeated the leader of the League of Assassins, he gave Malcolm a ring and made him the new Ra’s al Ghul. If you’d like to cosplay Malcolm’s costume, it consists of Ra’s al Ghul’s cloak, a tunic with belt, a sword, knife, arm guard, finger ring, and a hood that covers most of his head and face. He also wears a pendant around his neck.

The original Ra’s al Ghul had a daughter called Nyssa al Ghul and she was also a member of the League of Assassins. She was also Sara Lance’s lover and briefly held the title of Ra’s al Ghul. She made a personal decision to dissolve the League of Assassins. She also destroyed Ra’s al Ghul’s ring. And shortly after Sara Lance was resurrected, she decided to destroy the Lazarus pit to prevent people from ever using it again.
At just 8 years old, Nyssa was a skilled swordswoman. She was also destined to inherit her father’s role as Ra’s al Ghul. She famously referred to herself as heir to the demon. She was a mischievous child and would often steal extra food to hide them inside her room for later. But Ra’s al Ghul always discovered her hiding places until Nyssa learnt she couldn’t hide anything from her father. When Nyssa invited Malcolm Merlyn for training, she nicknamed him Al Sa-her, which means magician in Arabic. This was after he had played the popular magic trick of pulling a coin from her ear.

Ra's al Ghul Cosplay Costume

Nyssa al Ghul Cosplay Costume

Ra’s al Ghul wasn’t pleased with his daughter’s love affair with Sara. For starters, Sara had never fully embraced the League of Assassins by renouncing her previous life. He also saw her to be a weakness in the future heir to the demon. To drive her away, Ra’s al Ghul tried to frighten her by demonstrating his terrible power. Whereas others would tremble at the demonstration of such awesome power, Sara merely laughed it off, which only caused Nyssa to love her even more. Nyssa even went looking for Sara when she had left Nanda Parbat to visit her family and ensure they were safe but didn’t return. If you want to cosplay Nyssa al Ghul’s character, you’re going to need a costume consisting of a black hooded cloak, snood scarf, red pants, and sword in its sheath, and a bow with arrows in a quiver.

Nyssa al Ghul Cosplay Costume

Black Canary Cosplay Costume

Unlike the other pretenders to the throne, Tina actually has superpowers. While both sisters used different devices to emit their high-pitched scream, Tina is actually a meta-human who gained her powers when the Star Lab’s particle accelerator exploded. As we interact with this character, we come to understand that Tina is a name she uses for her undercover operations and her actual name is Dina Drake. If you want to cosplay the Black Canary’s latest costume, it is all leather and consists of a suit with a sleeveless top and gold trim, long gloves that reach the upper arms, a domino mask, bo staff, and black boots.

Sara Lance plays the Black Canary, and she’s the younger sister of Laurel Lance who later adopts that character. The character is famous for her high powered sonic scream that wreaks havoc by shattering objects and incapacitating enemies. When Sara dies, Laurel is heartbroken but determined to move on with her life. She’s a lawyer working for the City Necessary Resources initiative and used to date Oliver Queen before he disappeared for five years. Laurel soon starts a romance with Tommy Merlin but the two cool it off upon Oliver’s return.

When Oliver is arrested on suspicion of being the Green Arrow, he hires Laurel as his lawyer. While working together on the case, the two kiss and she admits to still having feelings for him. However, it quickly became clear that they could never rekindle their romance and they both decide to move on. Laurel held the mantle of Black canary for a while before she died. This time it was Tina Boland, an undercover police officer who’s tough as nails.

Black Canary Cosplay Costume

How to Buy a Cosplay Costume
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