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How to choose the star wars cosplay costume properly?


Star Wars is one of those films that bring to the table something for everybody from drama to romance and even a little bit of intrigue. Star Wars is intense and fun, a film stuffed with thrilling space fights, lightsabers and packed with activity. It delineates the experiences of long, long, time ago in a far, far away universe which is precisely what we need to take our brains off of things.

The Phantom Menace
The intriguing film begins with the seeds of an eventual revolt being sown when an argument arises between the Trade Federation and the Republic. And, when the two Jedi, the peacekeepers, set out on a mission to restore peace, they fall into a trap and barely escape with their lives.
They end up in a remote place called Tatooine where they meet Anakin Skywalker, the slave kid and his droid. One Jedi senses the Force in the slave kid and believes that he is the one who was chosen to balance the Force. However, the other Jedi disagree. Nevertheless, after Anakin is freed, he helps the Republic win the fight which makes the council of Jedi allow Obi-Wan to train him.

The Phantom Menace

Attack Of The Clones

Anakin is grown now and when the revolt goes full-scale, he is the one to protect the loyalist of the republic, Sen Padme who captures his heart. On the other hand, Obi-Wan Jedi discovers that their master has ordered a multitude of clones to hunt down a bounty hunter, JangoFrett, who is suspected to want to kill Padme.

Then, Anakin’s mother dies, a tragedy which erupts his dark side and he goes nuts. Meanwhile, The full-scale rebel against the Republic is being driven by Count Dooku, a previous Jedi, who has constructed his own droid armed force. Eventually, the clones barely win the fight and the Jedi finally discover that the one person controlling both the clones and droids is the Chancellor who is also the Sith Lord.

Attack Of The Clones

Revenge of the Sith

The Chancellor gets caught by the revolt pioneer but is saved by Anakin and Obi-Wan. The chancellor, in an effort to tap into Anakin’s dark side, asks him to kill Dooku, which he accepts. Anakin is disturbed by dreadful visions of the death of his love Padme during labor and can barely keep a straight face. And when the council refuses to make him master, the Chancellor makes him his spy in the Jedi Council.

Anakin finally discovers that the Chancellor is the Sith Lord but still saves him from the hands of the Jedi with the hope that he can save Padme. This promotes him to the Chancellors apprentice and he carries out his bid to kill everyone but Yoda and a few other Jedi escapes. Eventually, Padme dies in childbirth and her twin kids; Leia and Luke are separated and hidden in two different places. Obi-Wan follows Luke to Tatooine to watch over him.

Revenge of the Sith

A New Hope

Luke’s now a fine young man, a farmer’s boy, but has no idea of his history. Leia, on the other hand, has grown to be an influential person in the rebellion. Darth Vader, who is also Leia’s father attacks her ship and Leia steals the Death Star and escapes to Tatooine with the droid. The droid ends up working for Luke and his family but one escapes to find Obi-Wan. Obi then tells Luke of his life story and about his father but hides the fact that Vader turned dark. They both take off to join the rebellion together with Han Solo.

En-route, the Death Star destroys the Alderaan proving that it holds power over the universe. Vader captures Luke’s ship too in an attempt to get back the Death Star. Obi helps others escape but he is slain by Vader. Solo saves Luke from Vader’s hands.

A New Hope

Empire Strikes Back

Vader, unwilling to give up pursues the rebels in their hideout. Meanwhile, Obis spirit visits Luke and tells him to go to Dagobah to be trained by Yoda. Leia and Hans escape narrowly to the Cloud City led by Hans friend Lando. However, Jango’s revenge –thirsty son, Boba Frett, tracks the falcon down and reports to Vader of what is going on.

Vader captures Leia and Boba takes Han to Jabba to accomplish his revenge. Meanwhile, Luke leaves the training and comes back. He meets with Vader who tells him he is his father. He narrowly escapes, and together with Chewbacca and Lando, head to Tatooine to rescue Han.

Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

On their mission to rescue Han, Leia is taken as a slave and is made to wear a hot metal bikini. Luke then infiltrates Jabbas place using his super-Jedi powers and warns Jabba who ignores him and takes him captive. Jabba then takes Luke, Lando, Han and Chewy to a pit intending to drop them in but they instead, drop Jabba into it. Luke goes back to Yoda for more training and he is told that Vader is actually his father.

Vader then takes Luke to meet the Emperor who persuades Luke to succumb to his evil side by killing Vader but Luke stands his ground as a Jedi just like his dad was. The remark from Luke prompts Vader to redeem himself. He manages to kill the Emperor but dies in the process. However, before he dies, he tells his son that he has good in him. Meanwhile, the rebels manage to destroy one of the Death Stars and Leia confesses her love to Han.

Return of the Jedi

The Force Awakens

30 years go by, Luke is nowhere to be found and Hand and Leia have parted ways. Han goes back to his old habits and becomes a freighter mourning his failed marriage and missing his Falcon. Leia remains with the rebels who call themselves the Resistance. In the meantime, an evil group has emerged in the far galaxy calling themselves the First order and led by Kylo Ren who adores Darth Vaders.

Kylo is determined to destroy the Republic. It’s discovered that Kylo is the son of Leia and Han. However, a heroine emerges from a scantily known remote dessert. She is called Rey. Rey feels the Force inside her and uses it to find the lost Skywalker who wrongfully handled Kylo’s Jedi training so badly that he became what he is today. Han helps the Resistance to destroy the planet destroying machine of the First Order. Han dies in the process.

The Force Awakens

Star Wars Cosplay Costume You Can Choose

Talking of cosplay very few films will beat Star Wars with its intriguing costumes. What’s more, Star Wars is one of the most widely recognized, most adored and quickly unmistakable franchises on the planet. It is one film that constantly.

It is one film that constantly provides memorable and spectacular visuals better than most movies preceding it, especially when it comes to a quickly accessible medium like the costume designs. You don’t really have to understand all the space fighting miniature. Just take them in and be awed by them. But the outfits, those awe-inspiring costumes are woven for the real world. You can easily dress up as any of the characters that you fancy with only a walk to the store and good observation and memorizing.

Rey Star Wars Cosplay Costume

Rey, the scrappy scavenger girl played by Daisy Ridley is the up and coming generation of the Jedi and she has one hot costume to play Halloween this year.

She is bold, brave and kind. She is also the youthful, ravishing real survivor who has grown up on her own and depended on her own skills to survive. She has had a difficult childhood but still has her humanity. She dresses like you’d expect a young girl on her own in the desert to dress.

Costumes suited to running and scavenging the hard terrain including pants, flat-heeled boots and textured knits that blend well with the rugged landscape. The girl is the savior, the star of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Transforming into the powerful scavenger isn’t hard. Just get the Capri-length pants, grey is better, and the boots and arm wraps. At the end of the movie, her vest is gone so she just has a greyish colored tunic underneath. Wear your hair down and remember to carry your gun on the hip.

rey cosplay costume

Luke Skywalker- The Jedi Star Wars Cosplay Costume

Among the many characters in Star Wars, no one matches Luke Skywalker, the great Jedi warrior. As a farm kid, Luke dresses in all white-tunic, pants and tie boots. At one time he belts a black belt and another he has a brown poncho.

When he gets into the throne room, he wears black boots and shirt, brown pants and throws a golden jacket over the shirt. The then transitions into a white suit and brown vest, grey boots with white straps and a cap that has a scarf appended to it so he can shield his face from the icy components. At Dagobah, Luke wears a muted grey tunic which he maintains for the most part of the movie, and that’s what we mostly remember him in.

Underneath the grey tunic, he has a sleeveless grey shirt and mostly wears a jacket with multiple pockets. The jacket is made of a rougher, heavier material which looks like it was meant to stand wear and tear. Though his pants are a little saggy, they look the same color as the jacket but with darker boots. He also wears a brown belt. Naturally, his clothes look like old faded karate uniform with a utility belt and strapped boots.

Luke Skywalker cosplay costume

Princess Leia Star Wars Cosplay Costume

Leia, the character of the late Carrie Fisher, additionally gets a transformation of sorts. As leader of the rebels, who are by and by getting ready to fight the First Order, she needs to show bravery and assert leadership. Her costumes fit in with her princess title together with various capes that added a touch of majesty to her garb. She is the ultimate combo of a courageous princess who is remarkably elegant and the imposing war flag officer of the Resistance.

Leia, the princess who never gives up mostly acts in white clothing. She starts off with a white dress. However, she changes this into a one-piece white snowsuit and greyish vest. Instead of the dress, this is a pant combines with the grey vest and white/brown knee-high boots. She remains in this same outfit for most of the movie until when she reaches Bespin and changes into a dark red long-sleeved short dress combined with matching pants and a long sleeveless cloak. However, she doesn’t stay in this for long and later reverts to her white snowsuit except this time she don’t have the matching vest. She also wears white heels and not boots.

When she is made a slave, she puts on a super-hot metal bikini made of gold and maroon colors and brown shoes. She then leaves this for a tan shirt, grey vest, blue pants and black boots and adds a cape.

Leia cosplay costume

Han Solo Star Wars Cosplay Costume

Han Solo is probably the only main character that maintains the same outfit for most of the movie. He starts off with a cream-white not-so-long sleeved v-neck shirt and layers it up with a brown vest.

He finishes the look with navy blue pants with red stripes down them and knee-high brown boots. He also has a belt with a holster.

Han Solo cosplay costume

Captain Phasma Cosplay Star Wars Cosplay Costume

Captain Phasma is arguably one of the most dangerous characters in The Force Awakens. She is the mean Stormtrooper commander of the First Order. As the character of Gwendoline Christies, captain Phasma is unnerving and merciless, the first Star Wars villain woman in a far planet who wears a sparkplug armor.

She puts on featured armor, making her the formidable yet best-dressed member of the Fisrt Order, similar to a lumbering knight in space. Stormtroopers armors are very detailed with a mask, armor, and blaster rifle.

Admiral Holdo Amilyn Star Wars Cosplay Costume

Though not a main character, Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern also features one of the best cosplays in Star Wars. She appears in an irregular striking lavender dress gown and lavender-matching hair. She is a chief naval officer who has an exquisite ladylike look and shows her figure.

Admiral Holdo cosplay costume

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