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2017 The Newest and Hottest Cosplay Movies and Roles



Cosplaying to some people is a hobby while to some is a lifestyle. Cosplay is majorly about two things. One expressing your love for a character. Evidently, we all secretly wish to be in the movies. We cannot help it they are exciting. However, we cannot all be in the films that’s why there are cosplay and comic conventions.
I mentioned two things above, so the second thing is the community. Cosplay allows you to be social if you not usually a social being. You are most likely to meet several people wearing the same costume in a party or an event. The joy of hearing someone else telling you how awesome you look cannot be explained. Most of the time you look bad-ass and hot at the same time. The above can only happen when cosplaying. 
X-men is a film made of different feared and hated humans. They are heroic mutants with special powers who use their gifts to protect humans and other mutants. However, there are others who do contrary to the above. The mutants are in a constant struggle. They want to find a place in a society that keeps on rejecting them. Some of the iconic characters include Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Magneto and Rogue among others. We have witnessed fans reenact these characters through cosplay. Wolverine has attracted attention people believe by dressing up as Wolverine they embody his strength and character. The kind of creativity we witness is incredible. 

Game of Thrones is a story of mythical continents of Westeros. The powerful families’ fight to control the seven kingdoms. A conflict erupts, and the kingdoms of men face an ancient enemy the white walkers as the last heirs plot ways to take back the kingdoms. The characters include Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister among others. In Comic-con people did not shy away from dressing up as their favorite characters. Some even went a long way to have props such as wolves when dressing as Jon Snow. We cannot fail to mention the most famous character Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons. We had couples dressing as Khal Drogo and the Khaleesi.

When it comes to cosplay star wars costumes are common. Fans impressively highlight their creativity when it comes to props and cosplay. Some even go a notch higher to modify costumes into new and amazing creations. Fans portray different characters such as Kylo Ren and Leia and bring out their best. For the ladies, Rey is the most famous character though her outfit is a slightly drab compared to the rest of the options. Han Solo, on the other hand, is a fan favorite. His look is easy to pull off you just need to have a white shirt, a leather jacket, and a vest. 
The release of the avengers has created an outburst of creative, impeccable and clever costumes. The characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are an inspiration to many around the globe. The cosplayers bring out their various interpretations of their favorite avenger’s heroes. They vary from the original team to the latest, and each representation is an interpreter of Marvel Universe characters. We are impressed with the interpretation of the uncontrollable rage of Hulk and the black widow. The fans have also made it their point to put emotions into the dressing. In one of the costume parties the fans playing Thor and Loki made it a point to show their distaste as they posed for a photo.

Justice league seeks to restore faith in humanity. The film is inspired by the selfless act of Superman. The characters include Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder woman Batman and Wonder Woman work together and recruit a metahuman team to fight against the awakened threat. In the effort to protect the earth, they face threats from the Herald, an alien warlord, the Steppen wolf among others. The show has received love from fans who cosplay as the heroes. Wendy Williams dressed up as the famous Wonder Woman at Comic-Con.

The flash is a film about the fastest man alive. Barry Allen after being struck by lightning, he wakes up from his coma with the power of super speed. He discovers that he was not the only one affected by that event. The others, however, use their abilities for evil. Barry, on the other hand, dedicates his life to fighting crime in the Central City and the threats from those that became evil. Along the way, he discovers secret forces that are determined to aid and manipulate him. The Flash is a popular character his costumes is tight and elastic with a flash sign. There have been numerous cosplay emerging in conventions. The fans have taken unique approaches, and they add twists to each outfit. Amazingly, there are no restrictions and women can also dress up as the flash. 
Callum Lynch in assassin’s creed gains the skills of a Master Assassin. He experiences his ancestor’s Aguilar de Nerha adventures. Callum discovers that he is from a mysterious secret society lineage. He accumulates knowledge and skills and takes on the powerful and oppressive Templar organization. Due to the incredible outfits, the movie attracted good cosplay with most fans dressing up as Callum Lynch. 
Oliver Queen goes missing, and he is presumed dead after his yacht gets lost in the sea. Later, after five years he returns a changed man. The hooded vigilante comes back armed with a bow determined to keep the city clean. We cannot deny that the elements of Batman have been referenced in Arrow. In this case, we are not only referring to Batman mythos but the character’s hint in the future. During Halloween, you cannot miss someone dressed as Oliver Queen. 
People participate in cosplay for various reasons. Most of them enjoy the whole activity of dressing up as different characters, and to some, it is like acting. It gives them the confidence to get into character and face other people. Star Wars, the avengers, x-men, game of thrones, justice league, the flash, assassin’s creed, the arrow batman are some of the films with fantastic cosplay. The creativity, attention to details and confidence behind the costumes makes them stand out.


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