2017 the best Overwatch Cosplay

Have you ever play the game overwatch? This is the most popular shooter game nowadays. The game is

filled with action, dynamic and competition. And this game requires high level skills. That is why people

want to play it again and again after their first try. Each character has their own fans all over the world.

Overwatch cosplay is a way that can help people to express their like and passion.


"I play to win!" Hana Song’s quote, in the game overwatch, Hana Song, also known as D.Va, is one of the

main heroes and characters from Overwatch. She is a nineteen year old gamer. She uses her skills to

protect her homeland.




Twenty years ago, Korean’s MEKA’s drone-control networks was disrupted by other countries’ omnic. The

government need to find some pilots candidates. So they turned to world champion Hana Song and reigned

with her. She is a professional gamer who has a good reputation with elite skills.


D va overwatch:



This cosplay was done by "AZA Miyuko Cosplayer" you can see more cosplay photos from her Facebook page.


A major part of Overwatch’s appeal is character personality. For example, Tracer is an especially interesting

case. She is a queer character, peppy and fun, but also courageous and badass. In her fans’ eyes, she is

Overwatch’s most visible hero.


Do you meet a live-action Tracer? Hoteshi is such girl. She is a cosplayer from Russia. Her tracer cosplay

 is 100% perfect match the game’s tracer from her hair to clothes to armour to makeup.




Especially the armour most cosplayer put it wrong place, it should be wear on shoulder. If you like her, you

can see more her cosplay photos on deviantart.



The Russian cosplayer Jannet "Incosplay" Vinogradova’s famous work is the cosplay of Overwatch Widowmaker.

She makes this character looks like ripped out of game. Jannet is one of member of the overwatch cosplayers

group which is established after overwatch game’s release. She often joins some relevant official events with

her group friends. Her appearance is pretty resemblance to the character Widowmaker in the game. Maybe

she is the best widowmaker, however, only widowmaker and tracer show up together, that cosplay can be

called perfect. Because they two are best friends in the game. Jannet often go with her trace cosplayer friends

on public.




They looks very happy.


The reaper is cosplay by Bloodraven. When she saw the reaper character at the first time. She was obsessed

by its design. From that time on, she decided to bring this figure to a future cosplay. Some overwatch cosplay

tool is made by her. She pick up the suitable material by herself, besides other people also help her a lot.

She said she would not finished this overwatch reaper cosplay without etsy seller and her family and friends.




She is a very talented cosplayer. I can imagine how long it took to make these pieces for the female Reaper


costume, the amount of parts alone is amazing and impressive. Due to the effort and all the details that make

she’s cosplay one of the best overwatch reaper cosplay all time. Now enjoy her photos:


Although there is always been numerous overwatch cosplayer, some people will still give us surprise. They

consistently offer us good cosplay works.


This picture is Genji Cosplay by Just Cosplay & Props.




From his first cosplay, he did a lots of research material and spent several weeks to build this Genji cosplay.

Luckily he can use the tool that his school already have, such as 3D printers, sanders, saws, laser cutters,

vacuu-forming. With the help of these tools, he made the Genji’s props and armor. The whole builting process

is the same like other people do. Take research of material > design patterning > cutting > heating > glueing

> plasti-dipping > painting . Weathering.


After his complete first cosplay genji cos, more and more people follow him and expect his next cosplay.

Recently, he post his normad genji cosplay and the newest oni genji. He is the best genji cosplayer, i can’t wait his next cosplay.


Overwatch costumes Mercy cosplay by the pretty Lyz Brickley

Gun by 2nd Nature FX

Photo by Bear.




The Mercy cosplay is a really good job. Its costume and wings almost perfect.


This is the best overwatch cosplay i’ve see, what about you guys?


Lyz Brickley also upload a youtube video to teach people who like mercy cosplay how she made the mercy

armor. If you want to make it by yourself, you can search the tutorial video.


Overwatch - Symmetra Cosplay


Cosplayer: Angelus



Symmetra is an adaptable support character, capable of defending objectives while helping her teammates

simultaneously. With abilities such as Sentry Turret and Teleporter, Symmetra can position her team and protect objectives.

An amazing Symmetra cosplay! Lovely details! *v*


As for her in the game, I was so confused playing her and I had no idea what I was doing.




Soni Aralynn already wore an amazing Sombra, made by the super talented Henchmen Props! She was

just perfect for her Sooooo... Who is cosplaying Sombra next??? :)


Soldier 76 by corruptcosplay



From the hair to the gun, all the details in this soldier 76 jacket were really carefully put together. I haven’t

seen too many Soldier 76’s out there, so kudos to this guy for nailing the character. You can find him on his Instagram.


McCree by Squiby. Squiby is a 3D artist and 2D artist.




Ah McCree, our favourite gunslinger of Overwatch. This is one of the very few McCree’s I’ve seen and he

did a pretty bang on job with it too.


McCree cosplay is few, however, female McCree cosplay is fewer. This female version of McCree by Canadian

cosplayer Andy Rae is simply fantastic!!!!




Here’s hoping for even more of them in the future.



Which one did you think was the best Overwatch cosplay on the list? Welcome to tell us and we will keep

eye out for more of the best Overwatch cosplays and keep the list up to date.