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Halecosplay is a leading China-based apparel retailer, specializing in cosplay costumes and accessories. Based in China – the largest garment manufacturing country – and distributing our products only through our web store enable us to offer you the same quality costumes and apparels at 30-60% off their retail prices. We are the most experienced garment manufacturers in China and pass the unbelievable savings to you. We inspect every single costume stringently before we dispatch it to you and guarantee its quality to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 


Halecosplay guarantee you of our top skills, our competitive prices, right on time system and our communication


1. Top skills

We have experiences in making of wide variety of costumes for convention purpose or tv shows.


2. Competitive Prices

Prices offered by us will always fit with the use of top quality materials. We are offering some materials that can be chosen from.


3. Right On Time System

We accept order & finish it right on time. Order usually will be done within 20 days from the time order being placed.


4. Keep in Touch Communication System

Communication with customers is one of the important thing we care about. We always update condition of every steps. From order accepted until we delivered our products to our clients.

Order Process


1. After your order has been placed. Our company will start reviewing the character, title, and plan the costume-making along with designing the pattern.


2. Our company will carefully prepare material together. This happens very rarely, but if the original fabric is not available from the suppliers at the time of the order, we have to use something similar to the original. So just letting you know that fabric and pattern might change without notice...basically we can only work with the best of what we have at the time.


3. Cutting, sawing, gluing, ripping, hammering and such such, to complete your request.


 4. Please try not to rush your order. Normal order takes about 7 working days of making and 5 working days for shipping. So you are looking at 10 - 20 working days for your orders to be arrived at your door.


5. We can make and provide best looks of your character cosplay costumes including wigs, shoes, props and everything else related to your costume request. See more details at product description’s includes information.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us.

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